Assemblage Tlv-  Art Culture Leisure, and Assemblage Staircase Gallery for contemporary Art - est. 2020.

In a strictly preserved 100 years old eclectic Building, one of the most beautiful and special buildings that were built at the beginning of

the 20th century within the white city, Assemblage Gallery spreads on several dynamic spaces on the Assemblage premises.

The staircase serves as permanent  exhibition pace, to host artists with sight specific exhibitions correlating and thinking the “purpose and function”

of the space inside the unique building that serves as a boutique hotel.

The function of Assemblage as Art Culture Leisure concept premises, amalgamating the rolls it encompasses as a Boutique Hotel,

Café & Bar & Contemporary Art Gallery which presents music and cultural events in the premises spaces, derived by a stream of thoughts

to develop a unique experience to its guests.

The First exhibition opening Assemblage Staircase gallery and the cafe and bar, Gala event was on 12 November 2020, taking part of the annual

Tel-Aviv gallery weekend "Loving Art, Making Art" promoted and organized by Tel Aviv municipality.


Artistic Director and Curator Alvit Sharvit